A Grave Womanly Offense

A Grave Womanly Offense

Hand-pulled original screen print with letterpress. Size 12.5" x 16", edition of 30. Based off of original adverisements for feminine hygeine products.


50% of proceeds (split 50/50, minus shipping and credit card processing fees) benefit the EndoCo and Black Women's Health Imperative.


    Printed on soft white 100# White Kraft Tone French paper. Edition of 30, State II after original run for print exchange, 2018.


    No returns or refunds unless product is damaged during shipping. A photograph of the damage is required and either a replacement or refund will be sent to the customer as soon as possible.


    Ships in 1-3 business days, plus selected shipping time. Costs are estimated for the United States and Canada only. If shipping to another country, please contact us for a special quote. Prints are normally sent rolled-up in a tube and may require flattening under weights before display.


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